How to download download videos from Youtube to mp4 for Android

To download videos in .mp4 format to your Android phone, follow these instructions::

Step 1. Choose the Youtube video you want to download
Step 2. Select a function "Share" , and then click "copy the link" as indicated in the screenshot.
Step 3. Go to the page and insert the link in the search bar. Click the button "Get a link to the video".
Step 4. Then you just need to select the. mp4 format and the desired quality-click "download".
Step 5. There is a button with three dots next to the Youtube video. Open and select the button "upload".
Step 6. The video was uploaded successfully and you can watch it on your smartphone by clicking "open it".
Any questions you might have
💥 How can I find uploaded videos from YouTube on Android?

Videos downloaded from YouTube are stored: in the file Manager folder, in the Android library, or in the downloaded files section of the web browser.

✅ How to play MP4 files on your Android phone?

To play downloaded video files on your phone, you can use one of the following Android apps: VLC for Android, MX Player, Plex, Video player, Video Player All Format. Now you can enjoy good sound and image quality.

⏳ No sound in uploaded YouTube videos?
  1. Problems with your phone's speaker or headphones.
  2. The phone is in silent mode.
  3. The lowest volume of the phone's speaker is selected.
  4. The original video files have no audio.
⭐ Why can't I open uploaded YouTube videos on Android?
  1. Your Media Player doesn't support the .mp4 format.
  2. Your phone's memory is completely full. Try deleting unnecessary files and apps.
  3. Application conflicts.
  4. Videos are corrupted during download due to a lack of Internet connection.
⚡ Why should I download videos from YouTube?
  1. You can watch videos on your phone offline, without an Internet connection at any time.
  2. The video will be ad-free, so you can enjoy watching it all the time.
  3. You can easily edit the video if necessary.
❓ Can I download videos from YouTube on my PC?

You can fully download videos from YouTube in MP4 format on Windows with Just go to the website and paste the link to the YouTube video you want. Our system will process everything, and you can download the video to your computer.

See also: how to download videos from YouTube to MP4 on Windows? not only does it support downloading Youtube videos to MP4 on Android, but it helps you watch YouTube videos on phones without ads and watch Youtube with the screen off on your phone.

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